About Rare Rabbit


Rare Rabbit is a consultancy that enables business to function efficiently by letting our clients focus on their core business while we implement processes that take care of everything else.


The services provided include the following:


  • Sales Support
  • Project Management
  • Business Development
  • Marketing Communications
  • Supply Chain Management
Rare Rabbit forms part of a hub whose strategic intent is inwardly focussed. This expands its reach into offering years of networking assistance for clients and all services are undertaken in-house.
We provide strategic project management, development and implementation (mainly through sales support), promotions, events management, graphic design, social media activation and monitoring.
All of this is supplemented with the ability to produce bottom or high end specific campaigns, all above the line media, PR, below the line implementation and overall evaluation and critique.
At Rare Rabbit we do things with the customer in mind, so even when we look at our clients we consider what the experience will be for their customers.
Experts in the delivery of a professional business support service. The emphasis being on ensuring deliberate execution.
The overall purpose is to create efficiencies that enable the growth of our clients. We are partners in growth.
Our values are
  • integrity
  • teamwork
  • client focus
  • operational excellence